I currently teach(*) or have taught the following courses at RMIT University.

  1. MATH2201 - Basic Statistical Methodologies*
  2. MATH1275/1276 - Statistical Computing*
  3. MATH2200 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Previous teaching experience

Monash University

In 2017, I taught a part of MTH3310 - Applied Mathemataical Modelling to 3rd year mathematics students.

DigiPen Singapore

From August 2011 till August 2015, I worked as an Assistant Professor in Mathematics at DigiPen Institute of Technology, Singapore. During this time I taught a variety of courses including Linear Algebra, Calculus, Numerical Methods and Discrete Mathematics.

I have also used innovative methods to teach.

Flip-style lectures

The students are assigned video lectures which they need to watch before coming to class. During class, the concepts are briefly revisited and challenging problems are worked out.

Mathematics Labs

I have designed lab components for some mathematics courses. These labs concentrate on applications and are conducted in a very interactive manner.

Similar to clickers

Similar to clickers, I’ve used an SMS based app to capture student answers to questions asked during lectures. This app changed the traditional classroom to an interactive and dynamic environment.