Random Sample podcasts in 2023

Industry PhDs

I did two more podcasts in 2023 for the Random Sample. One podcast was on industry PhDs. Industry PhDs give a lot more options for the PhD candidates in terms of jobs. And they get to see how the industry views research as well.

For this podcast I chatted to 3 OPTIMA PhD students at Melbourne University – Hritika Gupta, Harry McArthur and Nico Andres Thio. The podcast is available at https://www.therandomsample.com.au/podcast/industry-phds/.

Emerging Leaders in Statistics

The Statistical Society of Australia has established Horizon Lecture awards to recognise emerging leaders in the field. This years awardees are

  1. Assoc. Prof Margarita Moreno-Betancur is co-Director of the Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and the University of Melbourne.

  2. Dr Marijke Welvaert, a Research Fellow at the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.

  3. Assoc. Professor Andrew Zammit Mangion from the National Institute for Applied Statistics Research Australia (NIASRA) at the University of Wollongong.

I got the chance to chat to them in this podcast. You can listen to it at https://www.therandomsample.com.au/podcast/horizon-lecturers/

As usual Tim Macuga was doing a lot of work in the background.

Sevvandi Kandanaarachchi
Senior Research Scientist